Metal Show & TIB Exhibition Ended Successfully!

The Metal Show & TIB exhibition is an important event in the global machinery industry. As one of the exhibitors, our company displayed leading laser technology and products. Our attendance received widespread attention and praise.

Exhibit Highlights:

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines: Our machines deliver fast, precise results. Meets the needs of a wide range of high-precision industries.
Laser welding machine: welding accuracy up to 0.5 mm. They ensure a perfect joint every time. Designed with ease of use in mind; operators can master the basics in just 10 minutes.
Laser Cleaning Machines: Our machines provide cost-effective cleaning options without sacrificing quality.


Live Events

Live Demonstration: We conducted many operational displays on-site. The laser cutting machine demonstrates the cutting effect on materials of different thicknesses. The laser welding machine demonstrates the processing of welds of different materials. The laser cleaning machine demonstrates its ability and efficiency in cleaning stains on different materials.


Customer experience: Provided trial operation of the machine, which was well received by customers. After simple training, customers can experience the use of our handheld devices for themselves.


On-site interaction: Industry experts provide one-on-one explanation services on site. Provide recommendations for advanced solutions and answers to questions.


Exhibition Influence

The Metal Show & TIB exhibition brings together the elites in the global machinery manufacturing field. This event provides a valuable communication platform and cooperation opportunities for industry development. This time we received a lot of love and established in-depth connections with many industry customers. While demonstrating our strength, we also join our influence.


The complete success of the Metal Show & TIB exhibition demonstrated the excellent quality of our products. Demonstrating our active contribution and commitment to industry development. We will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product optimization to promote the progress and development of the industry.


Thank you to all customers and partners who participated in the Metal Show & TIB exhibition. We would also like to thank our team for their hard work and wonderful performance. The success of the exhibition is inseparable from everyone's support and efforts!

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