Pionlux's Trip To INTERTOOL Austria 2024: A Complete Success

Pionlux's Trip To INTERTOOL Austria 2024: A Complete Success

INTERTOOL Austria is an important stage for the development of the metal processing industry. The show attracts attendees from around the world to explore cutting-edge technologies. We launched a series of high-quality products at this exhibition, which were widely praised.


1. Overview of Displayed Products

Our stand is a hub of activity showcasing our state-of-the-art machinery including:

2kW Welding Machine: The advantages of this machine are precision and efficiency. We demonstrated its welding process on site and demonstrated its excellent performance. It is acclaimed for its ability to deliver high-quality welds while reducing operating costs.

2kW Cleaning Machine: This cleaning system is powerful and efficient. The live demonstration of the laser cleaning process impressed the audience. This machine is ideal for users who must have high cleaning efficiency and want the process to be environmentally friendly.


30W CO2 Desktop Marker: This model can be easily used in more precise applications. Because the marking effect is exquisite and stable, it has become the favorite of many visitors.

50W Portable Marking Machine: This machine is characterized by mobility. It can easily handle marking tasks in various environments and has superior convenience.


2. Visitor reception and feedback

Feedback from visitors was very positive, with many noting the perfect quality of our machines. We offer machine trial events on site. Under the guidance of staff, many customers have experienced handheld welding and cleaning. This event was well received and attracted a large number of customers.

Through on-site demonstrations and trials, the advantages of our machines are intuitively demonstrated. A live demonstration of the welding machine showcased its speed and clean welds. Attendees were particularly impressed by the precision and versatility of the marking machine. Cleaning machines are praised for their power and efficiency.


3. Impact on the industry and potential leads

The machines we launched at the INTERTOOL trade fair in Austria set new benchmarks for performance and innovation in the metalworking industry. The exhibition aroused great interest. Many businesses consider our advanced technology to enhance their operations and seek advice and connections. These connections are expected to develop into in-depth collaborations.

4. Future outlook

Participation in INTERTOOL Austria is in line with our strategic goals. This event positively impacts the metal processing industry and expands our market reach. Looking ahead, we are excited about further innovation in our product line. In particular, the enhanced functions of artificial intelligence and automation are our pursuit to meet the changing needs of customers.

5. In conclusion

Our participation in INTERTOOL Austria was a complete success. Demonstrating our confidence in advancing technology in the field of metal processing. We are proud to lead the way and deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our industry partners and customers.

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