cnc fiber laser cutting machine

About us

PIONLUX has its home in Cegled, Hungary. We have a super factory in China. This lets us offer Europe top-quality and cost-saving laser tech. Our products include fiber laser cutters, welding, and cleaning machines. We promise local after-sales support and free sample making. You'll also get quick shipping across Europe, low down payments, and flexible, custom training. PIONLUX means high value and trust, all at competitive prices.

Our Story
  • Ultra-Competitive Pricing

    Our warehouse in Hungary is at Europe's center. It uses Chinese tech for fast, efficient production. You can quickly buy top-quality laser machines, with instant deals.

  • Immediate Dispatch

    Avoid late deliveries. Come see our quick same-day shipping. We ensure fast service that makes customers happy and beats regular supply chains.

  • Localized Service Support

    Our fast, local service meets your needs swiftly. Our team is nearby, cutting wait times. We offer European-standard repairs, in your language, valuing your time.

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Are you ready to surpass your competitors? Talk to us about how our precision machinery can enhance your operational efficiency.