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Robot Laser Welding Machine

Robot Laser Welding Machine

Optimize precision and efficiency with our Robot Laser Welding Machine, perfect for complex and repetitive industrial tasks.
Laser Power Suspply
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Technical Parameters

Working Radius 1350mm
Rotating Motors 6
Load 6~8kg
Repositioning Accuracy 0.03mm
Permissible Torque 20NM

Product Description

Collaborative Robot Efficiency

Using collaborative robots, it is lightweight, inexpensive,fully functional, and easy to program. It solves the disadvantage that the traditional mechanical arm is difficult to get started.

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Industrial Robot Capabilities

Industrial robots have a larger load capacity and longer arm span. With the characteristics of contactless welding,it realizes the advantages of low hot zone influence,stable welding quality and fast efhciency.

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  • Aluminum

  • Stainless steel

  • Carbon steel

  • Copper

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