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Desktop Laser Cleaning Machine

Desktop Laser Cleaning Machine

Efficiently remove contaminants with our handheld Laser Cleaning Machine, designed for precision and ease of use in smaller workspaces.
Continuous Laser Power
Pulsed Laser Power
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  • Laser Cleaning Gun

    Small in appearance and light in weight, weighing only 823g, engineering design method is adopted, comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

  • Laser Cleaning System

    Various parameter graphics are pre-stored,6 cleaning patterns: straight line/spiral/circle/rectangle/rectangle fill/circle fill/.
    12 different modes can be quickly switched and selected, which is convenient for production and debugging.

  • Laser Cleaner appearance

    The shell is made of sheet metal and coated with multi-layer anti-rust paint, so it is not easy to rust. The whole machine is firm and not easy to be damaged during transportation.


  • Aluminum

  • Stainless steel

  • Galvanized plate

  • Stainless steel

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