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Your partner in advancing laser technology across Europe with quality, efficiency, and value.

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2007 - Establishment in China

The inception of our parent company, laying the groundwork for a future of innovation in laser technology.

2014 - Manufacturing Milestone

Our 70,000 square meter manufacturing campus comes alive, setting a new standard in laser machinery production.

2016 - Financial Landmark

Achieving a breakthrough with sales exceeding €12 million, reflecting our growing presence in the laser tech sphere.

2018 - Tech Advancement

The development of our first 12kW fiber laser machine, pushing the boundaries of power and precision.

2021 - European Expansion

The sale of our first 30kW fiber cutting machine in Spain, marking our expansion into new European markets.

2023 - Roots in Hungary

PIONLUX finds its new home in Europe, establishing a base in Hungary to better serve the European market.

cnc fiber laser cutting machine

Welcome to PIONLUX

Where innovation meets excellence in laser technology. Nestled in Cegled, Hungary, with a state-of-the-art factory in China, we bring to Europe a fusion of top-quality and cost-efficient laser solutions. Our array of products ranges from fiber laser cutters to advanced welding and cleaning machines, all designed to elevate your operational efficiency. Dive into our world of laser precision, where we commit to local after-sales support, swift Europe-wide shipping, and customized training programs. Discover the PIONLUX difference: exceptional value, unwavering trust, and competitive pricing tailored for you.

Our Mission & Vision

  • cnc fiber laser cutting machine


    We at PIONLUX focus on making laser tech that's both top-quality and affordable. It's our goal to help businesses in Europe work smarter and faster with our products.

  • cnc fiber laser cutting machine


    Our aim is simple: to be the best in the laser tech field. We’re here to deliver machines that give you more for your money and keep innovating for a better tomorrow.

  • cnc fiber laser cutting machine


    We believe that our strong culture is the driving force behind our success. We're not just a team; we're a community, working together to bring the best laser technology to the market.

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